Look Outward

make others look good * validate * ask what’s needed

Thinking of others and asking what is needed in every situation cultivates selflessness and improves our life experience.  Thinking of others and focusing on how we can help cultivates confidence and security while self-focus invites comparisons, fueling fear and insecurity.   Following this principle cultivates generosity, which is an essential component of joy.
Recognizing and meeting other’s needs cultivates confidence and a sense of purpose, an essential component of joy. In contrast self-focus invites comparisons, fuels fear and insecurities.  Serving others builds generosity and trust in relationships.  Establishing this pattern among peers and associates is an invaluable asset in any organization or relationship. 
“Those who bring  sunshine into the lives of others cannot  keep it from themselves.”
 James M. Barrie

“We don’t see things as they are.  We see them as we are.”
~Anais Nin


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